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Smart contracts overview

Panoptic smart contracts directly interface with Uniswap v3's core contracts to create an options market.

Architecture & Contracts


(dependency) UniswapV3Pool.sol

The interface for a Uniswap V3 Pool. A Uniswap pool facilitates swapping and automated market making between any two assets that strictly conform to the ERC20 specification

Panoptic deploys contracts that interact with the already-deployed UniswapV3Pool.sol contracts.

The SFPM smart contract manages LP position using the ERC1155 interface.

The Semifungible Position Manager contract for Panoptic replaces the functionalities of the Nonfungible Position Manager from Uniswap v3-periphery. Wraps up to 4-legged Uniswap V3 positions in the ERC1155 non-fungible token interface

Deploys an options market on top of an existing Uniswap v3 pool.

Creates and manages undercollateralized options. Manages positions, collateral, liquidations and forced exercises.

Panoptic Pool, create permissionless option on top of Uniswap V3

Tracks and manages collateral using a shares model.

(periphery) NFPMigrator.sol