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Meet the Founders


Guillaume Lambert (CEO) icon | LinkedIn icon | Twitter

Guillaume draws on his extensive background as a world-renowned expert and Professor in Applied Physics at Cornell University, with a focus on Biophysics, whose mathematical foundations are strikingly similar to those of options.

Jesper Kristensen (COO) icon | LinkedIn icon | Twitter

Jesper holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics and Computer Science from Cornell University and has previously led a large Web3 Research Organization, where he also authored a book on AMMs. He brings a wealth of industry experience spanning research and development, software development operations, and financial management.


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Cornell Blockchain Conference 2023 - DeFi Panel

ETH Denver 2023 - The Panoptic Protocol: a New DeFi Options Paradigm

ETH Denver 2022 - Riding the Unicorn Uniswap v3 as a Perpetual Option Primitive

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