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Panoptic Partners with to Analyze and Optimize Risk Parameters


We are proud to announce the strategic collaboration between, a leading private risk management organization harnessing advanced Machine Learning and broader AI technologies, and Panoptic. This partnership aims to advance the research and development of Panoptions, our groundbreaking perpetual options product.

This partnership will progress through multiple stages, with the initial phase already underway. All the steps are aimed at quantifying and maximizing returns for Panoptic LPs, ensuring optimal risk management for Panoptic users, and promoting the long-term sustainability of the protocol.

Simtopia's renowned research team, equipped with extensive expertise in quant risk modeling and management, will begin by comprehensively analyzing the similarities and distinctions between Panoptions and traditional financial (TradFi) options products.

Key risk management factors have been identified, quantified, and subjected to rigorous stress testing based on the progress achieved thus far. Subsequent stages will further refine the precise values of risk parameters through historical backtesting and forward testing.

Within our application's specific context, Simtopia brings profound expertise in the following domains:

  1. Automatic risk management
  2. Systemic risk monitoring
  3. Robustness and resilience testing
  4. Evaluation of economic soundness
  5. Continuous monitoring and stress testing against adversarial scenarios

As we continue to develop and expand our product to introduce permissionless, decentralized, oracle-free perpetual options to the world, we will share key research findings with the community.

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