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What is Panoptic?

Panoptic is the perpetual, oracle-free options protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain.


The Panoptic protocol consists of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that handle the minting, trading, and market-making of perpetual put and call options. All smart contracts are available 24/7 and users can interact with the Panoptic protocol without the need for intermediaries like banks, brokerage firms, clearinghouses, market makers, or centralized exchanges.

Panoptic is the first permissionless options protocol that overcomes the technically challenging task of implementing an options protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. We achieve this by embracing the decentralized nature of Automated Market Makers and permissionless liquidity providing in Uniswap v3.

The following sections will provide a brief overview of the Panoptic protocol.


10,000-Foot View of Panoptic and the DeFi Options Landscape

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