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· 2 min read

It's Monday in Austin, Texas. The heat is sweltering in triple digit humidity, but not inside the Austin Convention Center where over 5,000 crypto connoisseurs, hobbyists, and professionals will meet. The second Permissionless conference, hosted by Blockworks, brings together some of the most passionate decentralized finance (DeFi) and blockchain users.

· 2 min read


The evening before the 2023 Cornell Blockchain Conference, the Panoptic community gathered for food, drinks, and a live demonstration of our decentralized options trading protocol. With the gated launch fast approaching, the event attendees received an exclusive look at how Panoptic will revolutionize the way DeFi users trade options.

· 3 min read


The Panoptic team had a fantastic experience at the 2023 Cornell Blockchain Conference immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere and actively engaging with our community. It was a valuable opportunity to establish meaningful connections with fellow DeFi organizations, fostering collaboration and shared insights.

This year's event witnessed unprecedented participation, with the venue selling out all 600 tickets. Despite the bear market, the conference had more attendees than last year’s event during the bull market, underscoring the remarkable growth and evolution of the industry.

· 4 min read


We are thrilled to share our experience at the ETH Denver 2023 Conference, where the Panoptic team recently spent an exciting and productive week. This event proved to be a remarkable platform for gaining fresh perspectives on the future of DeFi, while also forging invaluable personal connections with fellow participants.