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ABDK Completes Panoptic’s First Audit, Second Audit with OpenZeppelin Upcoming


We are pleased to announce the successful completion of ABDK's audit of Panoptic and our plans for an upcoming audit with OpenZeppelin.

Throughout the ABDK audit process, our team diligently worked on enhancing the protocol, incorporating many of the suggested modifications. Soon, these improvements will be integrated into our codebase, and we will share the final ABDK report along with the implemented changes.

The ABDK audit spanned approximately three months and provided valuable insights for detailed comments on our code. Since the audit started, we have made significant changes to the codebase and ABDK has now assisted us in confirming the system’s design.

We are committed to addressing the few critical issues identified, all of which were unrelated to fundamental design aspects or the platform's feasibility. The majority of concerns centered around improving variable names and optimizing gas usage. We eagerly look forward to implementing all proposed modifications and thoroughly evaluating the more debatable suggestions.

It is significant to note that throughout ABDK’s audit process, no design faults in the system were identified.

After fully integrating the ABDK audit with our current code, we are excited to announce that we will start a second audit, this time with OpenZeppelin. This work will commence in early March and is anticipated to end in May (though the end date is subject to change). ‍ We will soon share the complete ABDK audit report and provide further details on our collaboration with OpenZeppelin. Should you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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