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· One min read


We are pleased to announce the successful completion of ABDK's audit of Panoptic and our plans for an upcoming audit with OpenZeppelin.

Throughout the ABDK audit process, our team diligently worked on enhancing the protocol, incorporating many of the suggested modifications. Soon, these improvements will be integrated into our codebase, and we will share the final ABDK report along with the implemented changes.

· 2 min read


We are excited to announce that our smart contract codebase will be audited by ABDK Consulting. Panoptic is built on top of Uniswap v3 which was also audited by ABDK, more on this later.

‚ÄúAn audit of a smart contract entails a thorough review of the contract‚Äôs code to identify potential issues and provide solutions. Panoptic is happy to collaborate with Dmitry and his team to assure the completeness, accuracy, and risk-minimization of our codebase.‚ÄĚ Panoptic COO Jesper Kristensen remarked.