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Panoptic Partners with ABDK for Auditing


We are excited to announce that our smart contract codebase will be audited by ABDK Consulting. Panoptic is built on top of Uniswap v3 which was also audited by ABDK, more on this later.

“An audit of a smart contract entails a thorough review of the contract’s code to identify potential issues and provide solutions. Panoptic is happy to collaborate with Dmitry and his team to assure the completeness, accuracy, and risk-minimization of our codebase.” Panoptic COO Jesper Kristensen remarked.

Leading the ABDK group is Dmitry Khovratovich, a world-renowned expert in cryptography, security, and blockchain technology whose contributions include the Equihash and MTP Proof-of-Work functions, the Argon2 password hash function, and the cryptanalysis of AES, ALE, Catena, RC4, IDEA, and many other cryptographic schemes and protocols.

An audit service for smart contracts looks for security flaws in the unique business logic of each contract. It also checks that there are no logical or access control issues with the smart contract, and it ensures that the contract complies with the Solidity Code Style Guide. Auditing the security of a smart contract can be done to varying standards depending on the specifics of the project. Both human and machine methods are used in auditing smart contracts.

As alluded to, the ABDK team has extensive experience auditing automated market maker based code having audited Uniswap, Balancer, Trader Joe, and others, which provides a solid background to audit Panoptic. They generally have a wealth of experience auditing DeFi applications.

Our audit has already commenced and our smart contract codebase was frozen and tagged in preparation. The end result will be an in-depth audit report with supporting evidence and suggestions for improvement. The report is expected to be finalized in January, 2023.

The audit report will be accessible to the general public in its entirety. Additional ongoing security features and risk mitigation procedures in Panoptic will be announced separately in a short time.

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