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Code4rena Audit

To bolster platform security, Panoptic embarks on an audit with Code4rena. All auditooors from coding experts to engaged community members are welcome to participate in this bug bounty program where $60,500 will be given to contributors within our growing community.

The goal of this audit is to ensure the security of Panoptic’s SemiFungiblePositionManager (SFPM) and its associated libraries. The audit runs from November 27, 2023 to December 4, 2023.

About the Audit

As stated, the primary objective of this audit is to ensure the security of Panoptic’s SFPM. The SFPM is a gas-efficient alternative to Uniswap's NonFungiblePositionManager (NFPM), managing complex Uniswap positions encoded in ERC-1155 tokenIds. It supports various functionalities and serves as a standalone liquidity manager for our perpetual options protocol.

All the files in the audit repository’s contracts directory are within the scope of the audit. This includes 13 contracts and 1,676 source lines of code (SLoC).

The total prize pool of $60,500 USDC is broken down into several categories such as

  • High maintenance (HM) rewards: $41,250 USDC
  • Analysis awards: $2,500 USDC
  • Quality assurance (QA) awards: $1,250 USDC
  • And more, including Code4rena specific categories.

How To Participate

In order to participate, auditors must:

  1. Join the C4 Discord to register
  2. Submit your findings using the C4 form

Please note that when using the form you will be prompted to log in either by using your wallet or with a password.

For more specific information and guidelines for participation, head to Code4rena’s guidelines page.

About Code4rena

Code4rena is a leading smart contract security marketplace that invented the competitive audit which has incentivized thousands of security researchers to compete to find more rare, high-severity vulnerabilities than any other model.

Code4rena audits differ from traditional audits and bug bounties by offering protocols wider coverage and guaranteed payouts for participants. DeFi and NFT Industry leaders such as zkSync, ENS, Chainlink, and OpenSea have enlisted Code4rena's help to secure their protocols and go to market faster.

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