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Panoptic’s V1 Roadmap


As we approach the final stages of our roadmap, leading to the highly anticipated release of Panoptic V1 on the mainnet later this year, we are thrilled to share some key milestones along the way.

It's important to note that this roadmap is a living, dynamic document, subject to adjustments as we gain clarity and insights into the tasks needed to achieve each milestone, particularly for future months.


In July 2022, Panoptic was founded, marking the serious commencement of product development. With the support of a Web3 incubator, we created an initial prototype, which laid the foundation for building the actual platform — from scratch.

As two technical founders, our smart contract building expertise was limited at the time.

We both jumped in, building and preparing the smart contracts for our first audit conducted by ABDK starting in December 2022. We worked around the clock and completed the contracts in time for the audit.

In January, we initiated frontend engineering work and presented the product's first live demo at ETH Denver 2023. Our rapid pace of execution is a fundamental aspect of our strategy.

In February, we embarked on the development of our novel advanced graphing library which runs bare-metal on top of JavaScript. This library will offer Panoptic's users a unique and streamlined UX, empowering them to effortlessly customize payoff curves by seamlessly dragging and adjusting them to their preferences.

Now, we are starting our second audit with OpenZeppelin. Upon its completion, we will launch on our gated launch. While we are ahead of schedule and anticipate a gated launch in June, we remain cognizant that time will ultimately reveal the precise date.

The period between our gated launch and mainnet launch will be crucial, allowing us to gather invaluable information and refine our product, ensuring it is in prime shape for the mainnet release.

While the roadmap provides a glimpse of the highlights, there are a multitude of elements to build and design as we progress towards the mainnet launch this fall. We are genuinely excited and remain steadfast in our commitment to achieving product-market fit, growth, and expansion with Panoptic V1.

While we have exciting plans for the future iteration of our protocol our current focus is unequivocally centered on successfully bringing V1 to the mainnet and realizing its full potential.

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