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Panoptic's Demo Platform

With Panoptic’s beta launch in full swing, we invite every current and future option trader to experience how perpetual options will revolutionize the future of finance on our demo platform.

Our demo is a risk-free learning and trading environment that provides an ideal space to develop and expand your perpetual options trading skills. As people explore our demo, they can earn points through our community program to gain access to exclusive prizes.

About Our Demo

Panoptic’s demo is hosted on the Ethereum test network Sepolia, and replicates the conditions of trading actual perpetual options. In short, Panoptic's demo is a paper trading version of our platform that ensures a secure and efficient trial environment for users to experiment and learn.

By utilizing testnet tokens to mint positions, users can engage in risk-free practice, refining strategies and exploring the functionalities of Panoptic's platform.

How To Use The Panoptic Demo

To start practicing buying and selling Panoptions, visit our demo website. Upon arrival, a pop-up window will guide you through obtaining testnet tokens and depositing liquidity. Connect your wallet to the platform to paper trade options. For a comprehensive guide on creating and trading options on Panoptic, refer to our tutorials on our YouTube playlist.

The Panoptic platform simplifies trading by offering one-click options, ranging from simple to complex positions. After selecting your general strategy, fine-tune your position to your preference. Once you've opened a trade, you can monitor your positions, collateral, and profit and loss through Panoptic’s user-friendly platform.

Panoptic Community Quest

The launch of our demo aligns with the commencement of our second community event. This quest follows our Epoch 1 event which saw more than 6,000 people participate.

To partake in this event, head over to our community space. Earn points by completing active quests related to our demo platform, including depositing and trading an option, trading a multi-leg option, closing a trade, and more. Accumulate enough points in this quest to enter for a chance to win a Panoptic merch box featuring monetary prizes, exclusive merch, and more!

The quest commences on 11/20/2023 at 17:00 UTC and concludes a month later on 12/20/2023 at 17:00 UTC. After the event's conclusion, winners will be announced and contacted via email to claim their prizes.

The Panoptic community quest complements our demo platform, creating a learn-and-earn opportunity for all Panoptimists. We are thrilled to give back to our community and look forward to helping you develop your options trading expertise through our demo platform.

Join the growing community of Panoptimists and be the first to hear our latest updates by following us on our social media platforms. To learn more about Panoptic and all things DeFi options, check out our docs and head to our website.