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8 Advantages of DeFi over TradFi

Dr. C


πŸš€ How does retail option trading in TradFi compare to DeFi? Join us in this 3-part series where we

  1. Explain why DeFi >> TradFi
  2. Investigate retail trading volume in TradFi
  3. Argue why will it spread to DeFi

Let's start with 8 reasons why DeFi outperforms TradFi!

1. Lower fees & transaction costs πŸ“‰

DeFi's competitive edge comes from its cost efficiency compared to TradFi. In particular, remember that w/ Panoptic's premia model you don't pay upfront to open positions β†’ more capital efficiency!

2. Greater accessibility 🌐

DeFi platforms are available to anyone β†’ more retail options traders globally, especially in regions where traditional finance is limited or costly. You'll soon be able to trade in options in Panoptic, as easy as LPing on Uniswap!

3. 24/7 market access ⏰

DeFi's round-the-clock operations offer flexibility for retail options traders, allowing them to trade anytime without being restricted by market hours. No more waiting for markets to open!

4. Increased transparency 🌐

Blockchain tech offers transparent, verifiable records of all transactions. This transparency attracts retail options traders who value trade integrity & platform trustworthiness.

5. Programmable financial instruments πŸ› οΈ

DeFi's smart contracts facilitate new, customizable options & derivatives. Retail traders seeking unique opportunities not found in traditional markets will be drawn to DeFi's flexibility.

6. Growing DeFi ecosystem 🌱

As DeFi expands, more platforms & tools emerge for retail options traders. This growth fuels adoption as traders discover new trading possibilities in the DeFi space.

7. Democratization of finance πŸ›οΈ

DeFi breaks down barriers, offering more equitable access to financial services. Retail options traders who recognize DeFi's benefits will increasingly join the decentralized revolution.

8. Integration with DeFi protocols 🧩

DeFi platforms often interconnect, allowing users to access various services & applications. This interoperability makes DeFi even more attractive to retail options traders seeking diverse financial tools.