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2min read
May 11, 2023
8 Advantages of DeFi over TradFi
How does retail option trading in TradFi compare to DeFi?
3min read
March 20, 2023
Composability, Perpetuity, and Oracle-Freeness in Panoptic
Panoptic is a completely DeFi-native options protocol.
2min read
February 26, 2023
How 'The Merge' Impacted Ethereum's Gas Fee Market
Examining how The Merge impacted Ethereum's gas fee market.
3min read
February 17, 2023
Forward Testing with Monte Carlo
How to simulate the future price of ETH.
2min read
February 10, 2023
8 Reasons to Be Bullish on Financial NFTs
Uniswap v3 LP positions are the most traded NFT. Here's why we're bullish on financial NFTs.