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3min read
December 9, 2023
Option Legs: The Building Blocks of Advanced Strategies
Learn how option legs can enhance your trading strategies, from basic calls and puts to more complicated strategies like strangles.
3min read
December 8, 2023
Panoptic’s Markets
Discover how Panoptic allows options trading on any market of ERC-20 tokens.
7min read
December 7, 2023
How To Open a Position on Panoptic
Discover how to navigate the world of DeFi options trading with Panoptic, a comprehensive guide for beginners and advanced traders alike, covering everything from connecting your wallet to executing sophisticated trading strategies.
One min read
January 10, 2023
Pulling Uniswap V3 On-Chain Swap Data
Here's how you can pull on-chain data to DYOR.