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Panoptic’s V1 Roadmap

As we near the end of the roadmap for releasing Panoptic V1 to mainnet in the fall of this year, we wanted to highlight a few key moments.

As a reminder, this roadmap is a live document. We will make adjustments as we attain each milestone.

Panoptic Roadmap 2023


We formed the company in July of 2022 as we seriously began building the product. We developed a rough early prototype with help from a Web3 incubator, and then it was time to build the actual platform — from scratch.

We are two technical founders. We didn’t have much experience building smart contracts then, but that was about to change.

Smart Contract Development & First Audit

We both jumped in to build and prepare the smart contracts for our first audit, which began with ABDK in December 2022. We worked around the clock and completed the contracts in time for the audit!

Frontend Development

We started the frontend engineering work in January and just showed the product's first live demo to the world at ETH Denver 2023! We are moving fast and executing, which is key.

We wanted to highlight also that in February, we started work on our novel advanced graphing library running bare-metal on top of Javascript, which will give a unique, extremely fast, and simplified UX to Panoptic’s users. You can seamlessly drag the payoff curve to create whatever custom curve you see fit.

Second Audit & Gated Launch

We are finishing our audit with OpenZeppelin and then we will launch the beta version of the Panoptic protocol. Here's a "mini" roadmap of the remaining milestones till we launch our DeFi options trading platform.

We have a lot planned out for the next iteration of our protocol, V2, but we are focused 100% on bringing V1 to mainnet and achieving product-market fit, growth, and expansion.