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4min read
October 11, 2023
0DTEs on Uniswap – Insights from On-Chain LP data
LP positions are held for a short period of time – typically less than a day. We explore widths and holding time from the POV that LPs are option sellers with an implied expiry date.
4min read
August 5, 2023
Demystifying IL, LVR, JIT, and MEV
Demystifying impermanent loss, loss versus rebalancing, just in time liquidity, and maximal extractable value through the lens of Uniswap LPing as options selling.
3min read
March 29, 2023
Panoptic: Unleashing the Power of 0DTE Options
One of the most intriguing aspects of Panoptic is its ability to facilitate 0DTE (zero days to expiry) strategies, which we'll explore in this blog post.