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Β· 3 min read
Brandon Ly

We analyzed simulated LP performance on ETH-USDC 0.3% pool. Results were surprising: the optimal width was wider than expected! πŸ“’

  • What's the optimal width for max returns?
  • How does that change for πŸ‚ vs 🐻 markets?

Find out πŸ‘‡

Β· 2 min read
Brandon Ly

How do you LP on Uni v3 with a Β±% range? E.g. if you wanted Β±30% should you do:

  • Lower:Β Pβ‹…70%\text{Lower: } P \cdot 70\%
  • Upper:Β Pβ‹…130%\text{Upper: } P \cdot 130\%


  • Lower:Β P1.3\text{Lower: } \frac{P}{1.3}
  • Upper:Β Pβ‹…1.3\text{Upper: } P \cdot 1.3

Let's find out! πŸ‘‡