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The Road to Beta Launch

Update: This roadmap was completed on October 13, 2023.

As we move closer to our gated, beta launch, we invite you to see how we got here and where we hope to go. Right now, we have more than 5,000 users signed up to participate in our upcoming launch, and this energetic response from our community is a testament to the widespread interest in our DeFi options platform.

We're working tirelessly to ensure a secure and optimized experience for all, and we could not be more excited to share what we’ve been working on with all of you.

About the Beta Launch

Our beta launch is comprised of multiple epochs of consecutive individual trading competitions. Each epoch increases the complexity and degrees of freedom in Panoptic which will stress test the platform in a gradual manner.

Participants will deposit their own real funds to engage in buying and selling DeFi-native options. The competitive element adds to the excitement and creates more realistic data making it a win-win for all.

The lowest-ranking performers face potential exclusion from future competitions, while the top performers stand to win from a pool of $100,000 in prizes!

During the beta launch, we will seek feedback from participants and our broader community. Anyone can voice their opinion or concern and will be rewarded for impactful and constructive responses.

The Road To Get Here

Here's a quick look at the significant milestones we've reached on our path to this exciting launch:

☑️ Company formation (July 2022)

☑️ $4.5 Million SAFE round (October 2022)

☑️ ABDK audit completes (February 2023)

☑️ Economic Audit with Three Sigma commences (July 2023)

☑️ Over 4,000 sign ups for beta launch (July 2023)

☑️ Panoptic pool parameters defined (July 2023)

☑️ Ambassador Program launches (August 2023)

The Road Ahead

We're incredibly proud of our achievements to date, but our journey is just beginning. Here are the remaining milestones we're working towards to deliver the beta version of Panoptic's DeFi options trading platform:

  1. Completion of OpenZeppelin audit

We began an audit with top security firm OpenZeppelin in March 2023, and we are currently working to finalize the audit. When this is complete, we will be able to release the audit reports to the public.

  1. Completion of Panoptic subgraph and frontend

We will finalize the Panoptic subgraph and connection to the frontend of Panoptic. This means our platform will have full web3 integration including the smart contracts, subgraph, and the app. Also included is Panoptic’s novel UI with its seamless, draggable payoff curves.

  1. Formalization of bug bounty program

We plan to have a formal process for anybody to submit smart contract or UI bugs in a secure manner. Bug reports will be monetarily rewarded depending on the severity of the vulnerability and details provided.

  1. Open our smart contract code for review

After the smart contract code audit with OpenZeppelin is completed and the bug bounty program released, we will make Panoptic's smart contract code fully open to the public and available for full review.

  1. Finalize Epoch 1 pool parameter values

We will provide the finalized values of each pool parameter for Epoch 1 including information about the collateral requirements, fees, and pool utilization targets.

  1. Kick off Epoch 1

Once all of the above is released, we will launch the very first epoch and trading competition of the Panoptic protocol. We will provide videos showing step-by-step tutorials on basic actions users can take such as depositing liquidity, selling an option, and buying an option.

We're thrilled to be in the countdown phase of our gated, beta launch. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time to become part of this journey. Sign up now, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue this thrilling adventure.

Join the growing community of Panoptimists and be the first to hear our latest updates by following us on our social media platforms. To learn more about Panoptic and all things DeFi options, check out our docs and head to our website.