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Panoptic Partners with Three Sigma For Enhanced Economic Security


To further ensure we provide comprehensive security to our state-of-the-art options protocol, Panoptic is pleased to announce a partnership with Three Sigma, an organization that specializes in agent-based simulations and modeling.

Security is a broad spectrum that interweaves lessons from both Web2 and Web3. Recognizing that some significant Web3 breaches have resulted from Web2 vulnerabilities, Panoptic emphasizes an integrative view of security and prioritizes a holistic approach.

Working with Three Sigma strengthens our capacity to rigorously stress-test our systems as we approach our gated and mainnet launches. Three Sigma’s meticulous and systematic resilience testing will help us assess our protocol’s performance, mitigate risk, and ensure stability and reliability for all users.

About Three Sigma

Three Sigma is an engineering and research firm focused on improving Web3 by working closely with builders in the space.

The company is built upon the belief that crypto can and must operate in a positive sum environment to succeed. Based upon this belief, its goal is to empower developers and bring innovative ideas to life, effectively contributing to the industry’s development.

"We are excited to announce our collaboration with Panoptic! As part of this partnership, we will leverage our Agent-Based Simulation Framework, Neferpitou, to simulate diverse market conditions and various agent behaviors," said Eduardo Morgado, COO and Co-Founder of Three Sigma.

"This simulation will allow us to evaluate and determine the optimal parameterization for the protocol. By studying the protocol's behavior within these simulations, we will extract valuable insights that will form the foundation of our comprehensive analysis."

Three Sigma’s versatile team aligns with our commitment to holistic security and is a welcome addition to our thorough security reviews which include smart contract audits conducted by OpenZeppelin and ABDK as well as our strategic partnership with Simtopia, a leading private risk management organization.

About Panoptic

Panoptic is building the future of DeFi options by developing a seamless protocol that will allow anyone to permissionlessly trade options on any crypto token with no expiration date.

Currently, Panoptic is building on top of Uniswap v3, the world's largest decentralized exchange (DEX). Upon our mainnet launch, anyone will be able to manage portfolio risk, earn sustainable returns, and trade options in a decentralized manner.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Three Sigma, a collaboration that exemplifies our commitment to holistic security. At Panoptic, we believe that security is not confined to the realm of smart contracts alone. It permeates into various layers, including the economic aspects, user interface, and the smart contract code," said Jesper Kristensen, COO and co-founder of Panoptic.

"Three Sigma brings a solid team to the table, their expertise will significantly contribute towards stress-testing our economic security, and fine-tuning our protocol's parameters for optimal performance. This alliance underscores our ambition of creating a more secure, intuitive, and robust platform, and we look forward to the synergy this partnership will bring."

We are excited to have Three Sigma’s support in continually improving Panoptic’s security. We look forward to sharing our progress in creating a more secure and resilient decentralized finance landscape.

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